The Hurricane Brace

The Hurricane Brace


Post Tensioned Systems
for Single & Multi Family Foundations

The regular system of post-tensioned slabs on grade consists of exterior and interior beams in which the spacing of interior beams depends on the soil and loading conditions. Thus the interior beams function to stiffen the slab action, to cantilever when the soil shrinks and to carry part of the exterior loads. This also provides stiffer slab action to resist the upheaval of soil in the case of highly plastic soils.

Through our extensive experience in post-tension design, construction and field observation, we feel that for soils with a low to moderately low plasticity index the interior beams are not a contributing factor to the stiffness of the foundation. Our spreader is based on partial cantilever and depends primarily on bearing on the soil. This eliminates the need for the interior beams and will save material and labor.

This new concept is based on stabilizing the perimeter of the building by having the exterior grade beam haunched to form a monolitic spread footing in conjunction with the slab. The size and location of this haunch depends on the soil condition and does not need any reinforcing. The haunch is the same depth as the exterior beam.

The spreader system has been approved by leading soil engineers, government agencies and structural engineers. It has been successfully applied on a large number of projects all around the United States with excellent results.